A healthy culture in a fun way

Our goal is simple; we ensure that employees become (more) healthy en motivated.
We make it happen thanks to our professional, enthusiastic, experienced and positive team.

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Workplace wellness program offering a unique approach

Fitbees offers a unique approach that focuses on the health of every employee. It combines measurement of key health parameters with an informative and interactive session and a 9-week program. The program is built around an (online) game that can be played by different teams of up to 6 employees each. Participants complete a short questionnaire to identify their ‘weaknesses’ (in terms of nutrition, exercise and smoking), which will determine the further course of their program.
The objective? Scoring as many points as possible every day by eating healthier, exercising more and quitting smoking. If you do well, your team has a chance of winning a great prize.
Every employee will also set one personal goal to achieve within 9 weeks. This may be losing a few pounds, quitting smoking, getting fitter, developing more muscles, etc.

Fitbees’ recipe for success

Every participant sets a personal goal they want to achieve within 9 weeks. The program provides sufficient guidance for participants to actually achieve their goals. They also receive support from co-workers and are encouraged to go the extra mile by the chance of winning a nice reward. All these elements contribute to a successful experience for participants and strengthen their feeling of competence.

An approach with a lasting effect

Studies of similar workplace wellness programs have shown that they substantially reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and other conditions. They encourage employees to exercise more, eat healthier and some of them even managed to quit smoking. This effect didn’t stop at the end of the programs. The impact became even more visible afterwards.
This means the Fitbees program has a lasting impact, which is not limited to 9 weeks.

We make it very easy for you

Thanks to the Fitbees approach, you as a CEO, (HR) Manager or company doctor can continue focusing on your core activities. In the meantime, we will ensure smooth and easy implementation of the health program for you.
You don’t need any special technology to launch the online part. Employees only need a computer or a smartphone, an internet connection, and a login. There’s no need to download additional software, so you have no administrative burden!
Your employees will love it, because the program offers highly realistic goals that can easily be achieved. All employees will score their own efforts based on whether or not they have achieved specific goals (e.g. “today I will eat 2 pieces of fruit”). Everything can be done and followed up easily from home or at work.

Being healthy is important for your employees!
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About Fitbees

Our goal is simple; we ensure that employees become (more) healthy en motivated. We make it happen thanks to our professional, enthusiastic, experienced and positive team.

The Fitbees program can be used in companies of 20 employees up to 20,000 employees!

What are Fitbees?

Fitbees are busy bees. Busy bees are alert and energetic people. They get things done. Fitbees are busy bees that are healthy, happy, productive, and committed.

Do you have a lot of busy bees working at your company?