Why Fitbees?

The most complete workplace wellness program

Fitbees has a unique approach that combines different aspects to achieve a healthy lifestyle. First of all, we use a health check to measure the health of your employees. And measurement is the key to knowledge! To some, this check will be enough to convince them to do ‘something’ to improve their health. Secondly, Fitbees offers your employees a lot of useful information about their health during the interactive session(s) on Kick-Off day. Thirdly, employees can ‘compete’ against each other in small teams during a period of 9 weeks by adopting the healthiest possible lifestyle: more exercise, healthier eating habits and giving up smoking. They will reap the benefits of their hard work at the next health check, when they will notice the difference between their 1st and 2nd assessment. If they are successful at improving their health, they have a chance of winning a prize as well!

Based on scientific evidence

The Fitbees program is based on the ESC* guidelines on cardiovascular disease prevention, guidelines on type 2 diabetes prevention and the consensus document on nutrition, exercise and sedentary behavior. Many studies have also shown that a healthy lifestyle can drastically reduce the risk of other diseases (back and neck pain, depression, specific types of cancers, etc.).

Information is not the only important aspect, however. The approach matters as well. Fitbees focuses on the various stages of behavioral change in people (based on Proschaska and Diclemente’s model). Generally speaking, there are two stages. The first three stages (precontemplation, contemplation, preparation) are internal processes, occurring within a person’s mind. For example, it is very important to give personal advice to employees during the health checks, as awareness plays a significant role in these stages. The action, consolidation and termination stages have an external focus: the actual behavior is changing, which can also be noticed by outsiders. This is achieved by participating in the online game, in which teams of employees ‘compete’ against each other. In this part they learn to achieve their goal (e.g. lose 2 kg) by making small changes in their habits (e.g. taking 10.000 steps a day). Over time these small changes in habits become part of our ‘autopilot’ and will take place without effort.

Lastly, the Fitbees approach comprises all the elements described in the recommendations formulated by the influential Institute of Medicine (Healthy People report): screening, health education, advice, and integration of the program into the company structure.

*ESC= European Society of Cardiology, represents over 80,000 cardiologists from around the world. They define guidelines for other professionals in order to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases.

More than just a workplace wellness program

During the Fitbees program different teams of employees compete against each other by exercising more and adopting healthier eating habits. This means Fitbees helps participants to find most of their motivation from their own team members. Therefore the Fitbees program is more than just a workplace wellness program, because it increases cooperation and team spirit between colleagues.

In addition, employees don't just get healthier. They become happier and more productive as well, and show higher commitment after the program.

An approach focusing on every employee

You may have an employee, say John, that is a perfect example of an athletic employee. He goes for runs three times a week, but eating healthy is not his strong point! Then we have Maria. She’s wanted to do something about her weight for ages, but doesn’t seem to find the time for it. Then we have Peter, who’s never had any health issues at all. He did have a scare when his father had a triple bypass surgery last year. So it’s clear that every employee has a different outlook on their health. The unique Fitbees approach ensures each of these employees will receive the advice they need! For example, John could adjust his unhealthy eating habits, while Maria may try to lose some weight and Peter could try to address his cardiovascular risk. All of the elements that John, Maria and Peter need to succeed and change their behaviors are present: measurement, information, a program with clear and simple goals and, importantly, the support of colleagues who are going through the same experience.


A computer and an internet connection... That’s all your employees need to participate in the Fitbees online program. They can just select a login and get started right away.

Completing the daily assignments in the Fitbees program is a simple task as well: the exercise and nutrition assignments are clearly described (e.g. today I will eat 2 pieces of fruit) and you can specify whether you have achieved them or not at the end of the (working) day or on one the following day(s). Every assignment also includes recipes, tips, and information! That makes it even easier to achieve their healthy goals.

About Fitbees

Our goal is simple; we ensure that employees become (more) healthy en motivated. We make it happen thanks to our professional, enthusiastic, experienced and positive team.

The Fitbees program can be used in companies of 20 employees up to 20,000 employees!

What are Fitbees?

Fitbees are busy bees. Busy bees are alert and energetic people. They get things done. Fitbees are busy bees that are healthy, happy, productive, and committed.

Do you have a lot of busy bees working at your company?